Al-Azizia Dist. – Sidqi Street. Makkah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Mira United is delighted to announce the opening of Al-Nawwara Al-Arabia Foundation for UMRAH Services under MOH license No. (1115) which belongs to Mira United and particularly designed to provide the premium services to UMRAH performers and visitors of Holy mosque in Madinah Munwwarah, with well skilled & fully experienced team in UMRAH & Ziyarah field, such as; fast tracking reception and farewell, booking arrangements for hotels & transportation in both makkah & madinah, specially because we own a group of hoels in Makkah which is known as Mira United Hotels include but not limited to:

# Hotel Name Location
1 Mira Ajyad Hotel Ajyad Al Sudd, King A.Aziz St.
2 Mira Saha Hotel Mira Ajyad Hotel
3 Mira Rawdah Hotel Rawdah Dist. Masjid alharam St.
4 Mira Sheab Hotel Sheab Amir Area
5 Mira Sudd Hotel Ajyad Al Sudd, Dahlat Quresh
6 Mira Misfala Hotel Misfala, Al-Hijra St.

Thus; Mira United offers different packages with various length of stay at an affordable price which allows the clients to perform umrah and visit the Prophet's Mosque according to the packages designed as per the government laws and regulations.

It would be our pleasure to enter into agreement with you, as our company's Umrah license is already activated thus we are ready to sign the agreements and issue UMRAH visas.

You will definitely be satisfied when you find all required services (UMRAH Visa, Hotels, Transport and other administrative services) under one roof of "Mira United".

We look forward to deal with your agency.

Interested to sign with us?? Just send:

  • Copy of your IATA certificate.

  • Copy of your company license.

  • Contact details of your company.

  • We will contact you immediately.